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multidine highchair green
Multidine Highchair blue
Keter highchair
Keter Multidine Highchair
Multidine Highchair
Multi Dine High Chair
Easy to Clean
Multi Dine High Chair
Easy Storage
Multi Dine High Chair
Smart Tray includes 3 positions
Multi Dine High Chair
  • Advanced, unique design featuring three seating solutions – high chair, booster seat, and junior chair
  • All parts can be stored in the chair design for easy storage and product longevity
  • Soft seat cover and tray are easy clean
  • Easy dry and dishwasher safe
  • Convenient additional tray
  • Five-point harness for extra safety
  • High Chair Mode – Age Range: 6m – 3y /up to 15 kg
  • Booster Seat Mode – Age Range: 18m – 3y / up to 15 kg
  • Junior Seat Mode – Age Range: 3y – 4y / up to 20 kg




Width60 cm
Depth64 cm
Height90 cm
Width39 cm
Depth40 cm
Height42 cm

A common issue found amongst many high chairs is the lack of adequate side support and, in some cases, also back support.

This leaves your child more at risk of slipping or falling sideways, especially if the portable high chair doesn’t have a secure and effective harness or isn’t anchored securely to the chair or table.

All high chairs in Australia must pass the Australian Standard for high chairs, AS 4684:2009.

This standard also calls for compliance with at least one of the international standards, the European Standard is EN 14988.

When it comes to the standards there are a number of issue which need to be considered, these include :

  • Stability
  • Strength of construction
  • Is there a risk of scissoring (getting caught between two points that move towards each other), pinching or finger traps for the child or an adult folding and unfolding the chair
  • Are there are any sharp edges, points or burrs
  • How easy the chair is to use
  • How easy the chair is to clean
  • Are there any gaps and/or holes that could trap a finger, or any small parts that could be a choking hazard
  • Does the chair comes with a five-point harness,
  • Does the High-chair have back and side protection as well as locking mechanisms to stop the child falling out.
  • Ingestion or inhalation of small objects (choking hazards)
  • Sharp corners, edges and points
  • Entrapment in openings and between moving components
  • Means of occupant retention and security of attachment, and
  • Structural integrity and strength.

How does the Keter highchair measure up against these safety concerns

The Keter highchair has no small objects or choking hazards for the child to reach or grasp onto, but instead has smooth, clean and rounded edges to help protect your child from any accidents. The functional design of the Keter highchair means that there are no moving parts or openings, to trap little fingers.

The Keter multi-dine highchair is designed for children from six months of age to four years of age; with an in built 5 point harness; ensuring your child stays secure with the high chair that is designed to be strong and sturdy.

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The Keter high-chair has excellent back & side support for your child as well as including a 5 point harness to ensure your child stays in the highchair

Many manufacturers state in their instructions or on the product to never leave your child unattended in the seat, and if this simple precaution is taken, many of the risks can be reduced. However Keter have taken responsibility and made sure there is good side and back support for your child.

The stability of the Keter Multi-Dine high chair is highlighted by the fact that is can be used by children from 6 months of age, to 4 years of age. The age range demonstrating the strength of construction given that it can be used by children up to 4 years of age.

The packaging of the keter-multidine-highchair is simplicity in itself, being self contained, easy to assemble and easy to use, the additional food tray makes cleaning the Keter high chair a breeze.

All in all the Keter multi-dine is a easy to use high chair which covers all the bases and simplifies meal times for busy parents.

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